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PQ, DQ and CPT Control Methods for Shunt Active Compensators – A Comparative Study
Modeling and Digital Control of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter Based on DSP
A Bidirectional Converter for Battery Based Energy System for Residential Applications
Restoration strategy in a self-healing distribution network with DG and flexible loads
An Improvised DC-DC Converter For Photovoltaic Power System Applications
Cyber-enabled energy management of structures (CEEMS) - NSF
Implications of the Smart Grid Initiative on distribution systems – PSERC
Interconnection level transmission planning analysis – DOE/WECC
Smart devices and interfaces for the Smart Grid – Xcel Energy Foundation
A holistic approach to customer-driven microgrids – NSF
Single phase / three phase inverter - UQM Technologies
CAREER: Intelligent Based Performance Enhancement Control of Micropower Energy Systems - NSF
Integration of PEM Fuel Cells with Wind and Hydro Renewable Energy Systems - NFCRC
Modeling Ultracapacitor/Battery Storage for Fuel Cells - DOE-SBIR
Electrical Model Development and Validation for Distributed Resources - NREL
A Stand Alone Wind Turbine Induction Generator for Small Power Applications - PSERC
Smart Sensor Development for Power Transmission and Distribution - PSERC